Pakistan HVACR Society & ASHRAE Central Pakistan Chapter organized a mega engineering, industrial and academic event from 30th March, 2017 to 1st April, 2017 at Expo Center, Lahore. This Event proved to be a multidimensional & diversified show having local & international participation both at commercial / industrial front & academic side. HVACR Exhibitions is a major event in this market. With over 137 companies participating, this is one event where all the major players try to stand themselves out through extensive advertisement, product display and booth design & positioning. We intricately worked on each and every detail to make the most every element which pronounced our presence.


Entering the Exhibition Centre, Hisense was displayed on the fence as attendees drive in. Reaching the parking, there was a big, perfectly placed advertisement highlighting Climaveneta HVAC & Hisense VRF Products. Inside the building, right at the entrance, the first brand that attendees see is Hisense & Climaveneta. An exquisite location, made our products and the brand itself, stand out among all the competing brands. This made it the first stopping point for many important personalities in this industry. HVAC Consultants, Contractor, Architects and Developers were especially interested in the product display. Moving around the exhibition halls, Hisense & Climaveneta advertisements were placed on the balconies, establishing our presence beyond our booth boundaries. Not only those, Hisense & Climaveneta products were also present on the premium pages in Expo Magazines. For Hisense & Climaveneta brand, this was the biggest ever appearance in Pakistan


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