CEO Message

Ahsan Aslam


SCS has been amongst the fastest growing HVAC companies in the industry. Since its inception, SCS has expanded its presence throughout the country with Offices in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and has executed and delivered landmark projects throughout the country.

With a rich client base, SCS has delivered projects in segments of Hotels and Apartments, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Financial Institutions, Telecommunication, Software Houses, Data Centers, Super Markets, Restaurants, Cinemas, Showroom & Display Centers. For Process and Industrial Cooling, SCS has been the most trusted solution provider for Industries in Automobile, Cement, Textile, Power Generation and Chemicals.

As a company, SCS defines its success on three pillars. The first is in what the company offers. SCS strongly believes in a Solution Based Approach. The key is in understanding the requirements not only specific to the segment, but optimized for the particular application.

Second pillar is the excellence in execution. SCS has been able to set a new standard in the industry when it comes to perfect implementation of the devised solution while respecting the timelines.

Third pillar is in the After Sales and Support system. SCS believes that After Sales and Support structure of the company is more in the attitude than in the process. With this attitude, SCS has been able to attract repeated clients and has emerged to be the most trust solutions provider in the industry.


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