50TJ Side Discharge

50TJ Side Discharge

The 50TJ-S series is a special side discharge version packaged unit with capacities of 15-28 Tons. This unit can be placed on the side of a building with direct ducts to and from conditioned space, or can be placed on the roof, without a roof curb, and simple Ductwork.
High Efficiency Rooftop Units with:

  • Dual, electrically and mechanically independent refrigerant circuits.
  • Scroll compressors on each circuit
  • TXV refrigerant metering devices
  • Non-corrosive, sloped condensate drain pans meet ASHRAE 62-99 (IAQ)
  • One-inch return air filters
  • Electric heat (FIOP)

Special Standard Features

  • Double skin construction.
  • Pre-coated fin condenser coil, for extra corrosion protection.
  • High Efficiency, High Static Blower.


Durable, dependable construction

Designed for durability in any climate, the weather-resistant cabinets are constructed of galvanized steel, bonderized, and all exterior panels are coated with a pre-painted baked enamel finish. The paint finish is nonchalking, and is capable of withstanding ASTM (American Society
for Testing and Materials) B117 500- hour Salt Spray Test. All internal cabinet panels are primed, permitting longer life and a more attractive appearance for the entire unit. Totally enclosed condenser-fan motor and permanently lubricated bearings provide additional unit dependability

Simple electrical connections

or on roof top. Terminal boards, located in the base unit The non-corrosive sloped condensate pan control box, facilitate connections to room minimizes residual condensate in off cycle. thermostat, outdoor thermostat(s) and An external, field-supplied P-trap is required. electric heat. Service panels are quickly Field-installed electric heaters are available in removed, permitting easy servicing. Both two convenient capacities 30 kW or 40 kW. power and control connections are made on the same side of the unit to simplify installation. In addition, colour-coded wires permit easy tracing and diagnostics.

Easy installation

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, All units feature base rail design with forklift Refrigeration and Air Conditioning slots and rigging holes for easier Engineers) Standard 62. One-in. filters maneuvering. Durable packaging protects all provide for grater particle reduction in the units during shipment and storage. return air. Convenient side by side openings permit
installation very close to the face of buildings.

Indoor-air quality begins with Carrier rooftops

Sloped condensate pans minimize biological growth in rooftop units in accordance with.


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