30KAV-CN- Air Cooled

30KAV-CN- AIR COOLED Chiller 1
  • NEW compressor
  • 5.69IPLV @AHRI conditions
  • -16% smaller footprint
  • -3dB(A) sound level


New generation inverter screw compressor

06Z compressor designed for inverter application delivers improved part load efficiency by up to 11% and lower sound by up to -6dB(A) by incorporating a number of innovations including newly matching rotors, specifically sized Vi value and integrated resonator array.

30KAV-CN- AIR COOLED Chiller 3

Evolutionary air-cooled condenser

Credited to W-shaped coil that increases 15% heat transfer efficiency, 30KAV is averagely shortened by 16% than comparable tonnage units, which help you minimize the cost and efforts of installation in newly built and retrofit projects.

Built-in algorithm enables an smooth operation adaptive to harsh conditions and enable quick restart of 150 seconds in case of unexpected power failure. Wireless connectivity for remote control is available and is compatible to diverse communication protocols.

30KA- Air Cooled Screw Chiller


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