19 XR - Centrifugal Liquid Chiller

Cooling Capacity:300~1650 RT (single-stage)

600~3000 RT (two-stage)

1000~6000 RT (series counter flow system)

19 XR – Centrifugal Liquid Chiller 1
  • 3000RT single compressor
  • 6.5COP@ AHRI condition
  • -6℃ leaving water
  • 85dB(A) at full load


Energy-saving and High Efficiency

Key components of compressor are designed with advanced aircraft engine technologies.

Taper pipe diffuser is applied in single stage compressor to improve compressor efficiency. Carrier patent of split rotational diffuser inner ring can rotate with load change, adjust area and direction of flow channel, and thus greatly improve the part load performance and reliability of chiller.

Non-blade diffuser designed for two-stage compressor, combined with inner-stage economizer improves chiller performance and makes it a better choice of high lift application.

High performance tubing – Tubing with internally and externally enhanced fins improves chiller performance by reducing overall resistance to heat transfer. The new heat exchanger reduces refrigerant charge and manufacturing cost.

Carrier patent AccuMeterTM system regulates refrigerant flow according to load conditions, provides a liquid seal at all operating conditions and eliminates unintentional hot gas bypass. Thus ensure the part load performance of chiller. Only for single stage compressor)

20 XR – Centrifugal Liquid Chiller 1

Flexible Combination

Free-standing VFD starter Unit-mounted VFD starter
19XR/XR(V) AquaEdge chiller provides a complete line of compressors, motors and heat exchangers, ensuring the best combination of chiller components regardless of tonnage, lift, and efficiency specifications.
Carrier offers multiple starters choices for different power supply application.
19XR(V) AquaEdge chiller can be equipped with high tier LF2 VFD which with Active
Rectifier, the harmonic distortion (THD) ≤ 5%, fully comply IEEE519-1992 requirement, also the fundamental power factor can be up to 0.99. With the help of VFD, the IPLV.IP of 19XR(V) can achieve to 11.0.
Colorful Touch Screen – friendly human machine interface, graphical display screens for the main components and support multi languages.

21 XR – Centrifugal Liquid Chiller 1


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