Smart Climate Solutions (PVT) Limited (SCS) organised a series of Climaveneta Launching Events in all three major cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi on 7th, 8th and 9th of February. The ceremonies marked a long standing cooperation of the two companies in Pakistan, with an intent of promoting highly engineered HVAC technologies targeted for operational efficiency and environmental friendliness.


The event in Karachi took place in Pearl Continental and was again made successful by the huge presence of leading HVAC Consultants, Contractors and Architects from that region. Mr Massimo Donanzan, specifically presented the solutions targeted for Karachi environment. During the question and answer session, representatives of many leading Pharmaceutical Companies showed their particular interests in Climaveneta customised Air Handling Units for Hygienic applications.


Climaveneta, the Largest European Commercial Air Conditioning Brand is a part of Mitsubishi Electric Hydronic and IT Cooling Systems S.p.A. Head quartered in Bassano, Italy, Climaveneta specialises in Comfort, Process and Data Centre Applications. With the Largest market share in Europe, Climaveneta has marked its presence all around the globe through a network of distributors and subsidiaries. Having a complete set of capacity ranges, Climaveneta specialises in Residential Chillers and Heat pumps, Commercial and industrial Chillers, Commercial and Industrial Heat pumps, units for simultaneous production of hot and cold water, Hydronic Terminals, Rooftop Packaged type units, IT Cooling, Telecom Solutions and Air Handling units. The complete range of products are Eurovent Certified and can offer solutions specific to requirements.


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