Hisense Hitachi CTF Laboratory Certification Ceremony

Hisense Hitachi safety capacity and EMC laboratory are officially certificated as CTF laboratory and the ceremony was held on 30th, June, which symbolize that the Hisense Hitachi CTF laboratory has been listed in TUV CBTL and the experimental results will be recognized worldwide.

CTF is the abbreviation of “Customer’s Testing Facilities”. To be brief, it means the customer’s testing facilities, testing environment, quality system and laboratory relative personnel are qualified by IEC. After the laboratory approved, IEC will issue a UA certification that is recognized by TUV. From now on, users from all over the world can search Hisense Hitachi CTF laboratory from IEC official website. At the same time, the name and location of laboratory can be directly noted in the CB report. Since the experimental results can be directly recognized by CBTL, testing localization can be realized which greatly shorten the certification cycle, save the transportation cost and indirect communication time.

CTF certification strongly proves Hisense Hitachi testing ability and product quality management and greatly enhances Hisense brand image and influence in the global market. Benefited from this time’s certification, we believe that the testing ability and quality management will be further improved and Hisense product will definitely be qualified by such strict quality control system.


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