Multi-Function Home Central Air Conditioning

Range from 4HP to 6HP

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Home Central Air Conditioning ·Radiant Floor Heating·Domestic Hot Water 3 in 1
Hisense Multifunction VRF System is a multifunctional intelligent ecology home system with integration of home central air conditioning, radiant floor heating and domestic hot water. Utilizing high efficient DC inverter technology, air source heat pump technology and heat recovery technology, it builds a more intelligent and more comfortable modern home life.

  • High Efficiency
  • Wide Operation Range
  • Comfort and Health
  • Stable and Reliable
  • Hidden Beauty


Radiant floor heating is the most comfortable, optimal heating system nowadays.

Hisense Multifunction VRF radiant floor heating system utilizes Hisense’s leading multi-split technology and advanced air-source heat pump technology, which is outstanding in floor heating system with integration of high efficiency, comfort and environmental protection.

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Stepless Fan Speed Regulation Technology

Full DC inverter series outdoor unit fan motor adopts DC inverter-driven motor which improves the motor efficiency by 40% and reduces the input power significantly. The outdoor unit fan can achieve stepless speed regulation according to the ambient tempera­ture changes

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Multi-Function Home Central Air Conditioning 4

Safe and Reliable

Floor heating pipes are laid under the floor with advantages such as good stability, less vulnerable to external damage and corrosion, and its lifespan is almost the same with the building. Compared with other heating equipment, the cost of repair and maintenance afterwards is greatly reduced. At the same time, gas leak, explosion or other accidents caused by gas or stove can be avoided.

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Multi-Function Home Central Air Conditioning 7

“Three-dimensional” Cozy and Warm Feeling

Unique 2+1 dimensional temperature sensation

Three temperature sensors including particular one on indoor unit air outlet can intelligently sense the temperature change of each sensitive point indoors and outdoors, dynamically calculate and adjust real-time output of compressor system, and balance the energy exchange variation of each room. Soft air supply keeps tiny temperature fluctuations in an optimum condition and brings gentle refreshing and intimate warmth.

Comfortable air supply 

Hisense indoor unit can adopt multiple air supply modes such as ceiling-supply and ceiling-return, side-supply and back-return, side-supply and bottom-return etc. according to room structure, making the air flow distribution more excellent. The airflow can be distributed to every corner, more uniform temperature distribution and more comfort .

Multiple Hot Water Production Mode

Multi-Function Home Central Air Conditioning 6


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