Heat recovery ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilator 1

Build a More Comfortable, Healthy and Energy-saving Living Space, Hisense High-performance Heat Recovery Ventilator
Basic Structure and Operation Principle Very Low Noise Airflow System Hisense heat recovery ventilator adopts efficient convective transfer material to effectively recycle the heat losses due to ventilation, reduces the fresh air load, achieves the purpose of energy saving and lower running cost of air conditioning unit, fresh air is supplied to indoors continuously which can make your room more comfortable and healthy.


Basic Structure and Operation Principle

Heat Recovery Ventilator 2

Very Low Noise

Through a low-noise fan motor, advanced internal silence insulation device and optimization of air passage, the units have low noise. The minimum operating noise is only 28dB (A), which will not affect the user’s sleep and rest at all.

Heat Recovery Ventilator 3


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