S Series

Range from 8HP to 112HP

HI-FLEXI S Series 4

Latest enhanced capacity series:

  • G-type heat exchanger
  • More efficient Enhanced vapor injection scroll compressor with rapid heating performance Float switch design
  • Ensuring decoration safety Wide operating range
  • Precise temperature control


DC Frequency Inverter Technology in Compressor

Hisense VRF adopts a wide range and high-precision inverter technology. Its adjustment range is 0-450Hz and the control accuracy is 0.01Hz. The running speed of outdoor DC inverter compressor can be adjusted continuously and freely, which improves the user experience and also enhances the energy efficiency of the unit.

HI-FLEXI S Series 3

Patented 360° Fitted Refrigerant Cooling Technology, More Reliable Cooling System

With the patented 360° refrigerant cooling technology, Hi-FLEXi S Series will remove the heat from the main PCB, inverter module and outdoor unit’s electrical box stably and efficiently. It can help to improve the electrical reliability of the unit when it is running under high ambient. This ensures stability and safety of the outdoor unit running and also prevents poor heat dissipation caused by the fan cycle rotation or stop mode.

HI-FLEXI S Series 2

The refrigerant heat sink of aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity and the internal mechanical tube can integrate closely to keep the heat transfer efficiency.

Powerful Heating Performance Under Low Temperature

The system uses the vapor injection two-stage compressor technology and intelligent defrost technology to achieve strong heating efficiency which ensures the strong heating performance even under -25℃ .

HI-FLEXI S Series 6

Extra Long Pipe Enabling The Height Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Units up to 90 Meters *

With extra long pipe, the height difference between the indoor unit and outdoor unit is up to 90 meters *, which makes installation more flexible

HI-FLEXI S Series 5

Fan Static Pressure Adaptive Technology Making Installation Space More Flexible

With static pressure adaptive technology, the fan of the outdoor unit can be adjusted in free static pressure based on system requirements to meet a variety of needs in different environments. The maximam external static pressure of the outdoor unit can be up to 110Pa*, which provides better conditions for the layered installation and centralized installation. Higher static pressure and further distance of air supply of the outdoor unit ensure the smooth flow of air and solve condensing problems of the outdoor unit effectively.Enough already been said about the static and flexibility so delete last sentence.

HI-FLEXI S Series 1


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