What is HVAC?

HVAC is a system that offers Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This system is the necessity of every home, office, market, hospital, company and pharmacy.

The uses of HVAC system are numerous.


We use HVAC heating in homes for comfort`t, increasing work productivity in offices and educational institutes. This makes it easier for people to continue their activities indoors when the weather in cold.


When making buildings it is of utmost importance. Good air flow and clean air is a necessity. This makes the inhabitants’ hygiene better and keeps them away from breathing problems, especially in hospitals and offices.


Another most important application of the HVAC system is the cooling systems. With domestic use, it is more prevalent in the industries and businesses.

With the increasing demand for food and produce around the world, the problem of distribution and transportation arose. HVAC allows us to maintain an optimum environment for the goods efficiently for a long journey from one part of the world to another.

The whole chain of supply from the start to end needs extreme care. The cold chain ensures that the produce and medicine stays fresh. It extends the short-term life of the products and ensures that they reach their final destination fit for consumption.

  1. The Stages of Cold Chain:

The process starts from the produce harvested form the fields. Here companies process, clean and sort out the harvest. Rotten produce is segregated from the fresh.

There are many fruits and vegetables that cannot be grown in cold or too hot environment. Companies import them from other countries. Refrigerated transportation trucks load this produce for shipping.

Companies distribute and supply them to the end-users like super markets, grocery stores, restaurants and pharmacies. From there they reach the consumers.



  1. Refrigerated Trucks:

Less than 0°C is the temperature inside the truck. The vehicles are kept chilled from the time of harvest till the point of unloading at the distribution stage. Supermarkets keep the temperature maintained and you in your fridges.

Transporters handle the goods with care and they are checked frequently to see that there is not spoilage. Although spoiled goods are already separated from the fresh ones, there is a fear of one spoiled item affecting the other ones and ruining the entire produce.

iii. Environmental Friendly:

The trucks use that use diesel to run the cooling systems are often prone to heating up and affecting the internal temperature of the container. To tackle this problem. Extra air tight and reinforced insulation is introduced. This makes sure the outside temperature does not cause fluctuations inside the container.

Many cold chain companies have switched from diesel to propane. Diesel cooling refrigerators emit CO2 and is degrading the ozone. Propane on the other hand has a small carbon foot print and its emittance does not harm the ozone layer at all.

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