Management & Control

Chiller plant control with active optimization system


In commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for 45% of total energy consumption, 65% of which is used in the plant room alone!


The plant room can be considered the heart of HVAC. It is where hot and cold water is created for distribution to other subsystems throughout the building. Optimisation of the energy used within the plant room is therefore critical to the overall building energy profile, and can only be effectively managed by suitably experienced technical experts.

Following their vast experience as leading HVAC solution providers, Climaveneta has designed a highly specialised control and optimisation solution dedicated to HVAC.

As a matter of fact, Building Management Systems (BMS), typically installed in all modern buildings, integrate and collate data from various sub-systems which control specific areas or functions, and represent a basic and generic solution to manage the air conditioning system.

ClimaPRO, the Climaveneta dedicated solution for optimal control of the entire plant room, offers additional and unique functions that allow you to carve out the control of the plant room HVAC equipment from the BMS, thereby achieving an unchallenged quality of optimization.


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