HI-Flexi G+ Series

Range from 8 HP to 88 HP

Hisense New Flyer

DC inverter-Driven

Hisense G+ series is the latest larger capacity full DC inverter-Driven multi-split central air
conditioning product. It’s a focus on the customer’s requirement and comfort, representing
Hisense high quality and technology. It’s characterized by:

  • Brand new high pressure chamber scroll compressor
  • Integrated high strength structure & convenient installation
  • Adoption of double larger fans and low-pressure loss heat exchanger
  • Max.22HP single unit, 4 modules’ combination


New Hitachi high-pressure chamber scroll compressor, enhancing the efficiency

Adoption of the brand new high-pressure chamber scroll compressor realizes high efficiency of motor, optimization of scroll plate and optimum fuel feeding, etc. and increases operation efficiency of compressor under overall operating conditions, especially, enhances intermediate performance greatly.
Motor is the source of power of a compressor. G+ series compressor is equipped with a new DC motor (with centralized winding) which enhances performance of the compressor significantly at a frequency of 20-80Hz that the compressor operates at most frequently.


Wide Operation Range

The new type motor stator is equipped with a centralized winding and more turns of windings, sets induced voltage to a higher value (to reduce current) and improves efficiency of motor at low rotational speed.

More Flexible Refrigerant Piping Work

  • Max. piping length: 190m*
  • Max. total piping length: 1000m
More Flexible Refrigerant Piping Work
New Appearance

The built-in design of PP air duct ensures safety of inner core effectively

Combination of the integrated sheet-metal upper cover and protecting wire net structure realizes built-in design of PP air duct with optimal protection performance, effectively protecting important parts (e.g. fan) from being damaged when the machine falls from high altitudes.


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