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Qingdao Hisense/HITACHI Air-conditioning Systems Co., Ltd was founded on 8th Jan, 2003, with two-phase construction area occupying a total area of 84,000m2. This is a joint-venture between Hisense Group and HITACHI appliances, Inc. involved in air conditioning manufacturing, technology development, marketing and services.

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Hisense/HITACHI utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and quality assurance methods to continuously develop new lines of commercial air conditioners. To meet the high market expectations and manage demand, Hisense/HITACHI enthusiastically promotes a business strategy of advanced technology, world-class manufacturing, professional marketing, cutting-edged design, efficient service and top-notched management. Through the joint-venture, Hisense/HITACHI is able to incorporate the world’s most advanced commercial air conditioning technology into China, thereby leading the China’s CAC technology to a higher level and contributing to a better eco-environment.


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