SMART CLIMATE SOLUTIONS (PVT) Ltd, serving the best HVAC Equipment and Services.

Success of a company can easily be judged by the satisfaction level of their customers/clients, how much a company retains its repeated clients and the level of trust. In HVACR industry every new day, there is a new client in different sector. We have structured ourselves in a way to capitalize on new opportunities whilst retaining existing customer’s base.

Smart Climate Solutions has secured more than 35% Business from repeated customers in the field of Hospitality, Office buildings, Display Centers and many more.



Corporate Offices: Smart Climate Solutions is a trusted brand in the corporate offices. We served more than 50 corporate office buildings and accompanied aftermarket services. SCS has air-conditioning to ultimate comfort and productivity, office building for some big industry names including many MNCs.

Shopping Industry:  SCS has executed more than 60 shopping malls, display centers, and super markets projects. This is backed by 24/7 service support for uninterrupted comfort.

Hospitality & Apartments: We crossed a benchmark of 10,000 TR awarded projects in this segment. Local hotels to world leading international chains have trusted SCS with world’s best HVAC Brands.

Hospital & Health Care: Another emerging sector in which SCS has made a mark is hospitals and health care. From private to government sectors, SCS was awarded more than 30 Projects with 10,000 TR capacity. These buildings were comforted with hygienic solutions with diverse machines.

Government Sector: In addition to the success in private and corporate sectors, SCS has successfully named more than 20 government projects in every sector, exceeding the 10,000 TR capacity in total. Hospitals to airports, metros to power sectors, educational institutions to office building, financial institutions etc, no sector of government organizations is left unserved.

Textile & Industry:   More than 20 textiles & Industries in last three years have entrusted SCS. In the past, SCS was pleased to execute projects with Silver LEEDS Certifications. In recent times, we have been awarded projects with Gold LEEDS Certifications.

Residential Projects: Increasingly, we are entering the residential Sector, where now a total of 30 residential Projects were air conditioned through Hisense VRF. These projects are using Hisense smart control systems catered for easy scheduling, remote access and electricity savings.



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