The different ways how you can opt for sustainable air conditioning

Summer is always going to be a struggle because of the immense heat that it holds. Not just that but the monsoon also hits some areas making it extremely humid to function. You can always enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family. However, once you are indoors, you are going to be looking for a cool and chilled room to relax in. By looking at the rapid increase of technology, people are also making themselves more aware of different ways to ensure eco-friendly solutions. Hence, using more sustainable options is one of the best tricks in this era. Therefore, here are some ways how you can use sustainable air conditioning from now onwards.


  1. Evaporative cooling 


This cooling system is merely based on climatic conditions where humid air will feel cooler than dry air. Water-saturated pads are used which form the outdoor air into cool winds. The air then evaporates and it is cooled by 15 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. After this is done, all of the cool air is pushed into the home and the warm is pushed out. The best thing about this is that it also creates a sense of breeze which helps cool and lightens the area more. This type of system does not need much electricity either and only needs a quarter of the energy stored.


  1. Whole house fans 


This type of fan is installed in the attic of the house and it helps in moving the air up and out of the house. Hence, you will be able to find them in different sized but the best one to use is the larger ones. That is because they will be able to create more movement. This system has its costs set on the duration of time that it is being used such as one or five cents per hour. When this is compared with the traditional system then it costs seventeen cents per hour.


  1. Radiant Cooling 


This type of cooling system works by taking in all of the heat in one room. This is done by the installed units on the floors. They can also be installed on the ceilings. There are different types of units you can use. However, the main type of material that is used is aluminum. These are panels and they are shaped to circulate the chilled water which takes in all of the heat. You will see this type of cooling system mainly in arid environments that is because condensation can become a major problem.


  1. Geothermal cooling 


This system cools the pipes underground using the 54 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Therefore, this uses energy as its main source to move around the pipes and get the work done. However, there is little air that is used to cool down the air. This method is seen as more stable than the rest and they also ensure efficient. It does not use much energy either and performs a good task in getting the room cool.


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