What is an Air Handling Unit? How Does it Work?

AHUs are used to distribute fresh air throughout commercial and industrial buildings of medium- or large size. The larger HVAC system includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An AHU is an integral part of that system. The AHU takes air from outside, cleans and conditions it and heats or cools as required. After being properly conditioned, the air flows through the ductwork into the rooms.

Many AHUs have an additional duct run that draws dirty air from the indoor spaces and releases it into the atmosphere. In some cases, a portion of the stale air is recirculated into the AHU and again put through the conditioning/distribution process. Although it can be an energy-saving option, it is not always an option.

Air Handling Unit Basics

AHUs can be very useful in areas where there is limited natural ventilation, such as hotel dining rooms and convention halls. They are also useful for keeping “clean rooms,” such as operating rooms and laboratories, clean.

AHUs are responsible for proper ventilation in the indoor environment.

  • Purify and filter the indoor air to maintain good indoor air quality
  • Control indoor temperatures
  • Monitoring indoor humidity levels

Sometimes, AHUs can be found in the basement of buildings or on the roof.

The first thing to consider when specifying an AHU is whether you need to go with a bespoke design or if the project requires you to use a standard product. Standard units offer many benefits, while a bespoke AHU can deliver results that are tailored to your site’s specific circumstances. These are just a few.

Standard AHUs are a quick solution because they have a set of standard features. This allows for shorter lead times. From design to completion, the length of a project will determine whether or not a standard product is still appropriate and compliant. It may also indicate if it should be modified to a different size or to a completely custom solution. Standard units can be used to quickly complete your mechanical AHU project and meet general comfort ventilation requirements.

A standard solution means that a product will be identical to one purchased today and another tomorrow. Each size of the product range has a fixed combination of performance, features, and footprint. This makes them ideal for projects that require the same equipment, such as school or office blocks. Nevertheless, a unit is not considered to be standard. It’s built to the highest standards and has the most up-to-date technology to promote good IAQ and maximize energy efficiency.

A standard solution presents a set features that meet the general requirements of mechanical ventilation. This is well in advance of any project being started. A manufacturer’s brochure can provide information about performance, footprint, pricing, and other details. Standard products like the range can also be supported by BIM models which makes the specification process easier.

Where to get the best AHUs?

It depends on the project. A bespoke or standard offering may be more appropriate. However, it is important to remember that what started as a standard solution can become bespoke if circumstances warrant it. For more information on which solution is best for you, please Call us at +92-42-35763171-4 or email us at info@climatesolutions.com.pk.

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