Which HVAC system is better VRF system or Chilled water system?

HVAC is an efficient and reliable system to keep our houses, offices, work space, factories and hospitals warm, ventilated and cool. But, there’s a whole system that runs behind HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning). The system is different according to the place. So, if a industry owner is to make a choice of what HVAC system is best suited for his company; it is a rather a tricky choice to make. There are various types of HVAC designed to meet the needs of different clients.

The major two options business and factory owners come across is VRF system and Chilled water system. HVAC could be expensive and high energy consuming system for an establishment so there is an utmost need to wisely pick an efficient yet economical HVAC system.

Pros of a VRF system:

The biggest benefit of a VRF system it’s a rather cost efficient, flexible and better option as compared to Chilled water system. Its installation is also an easy process. It has smaller footprint and is quite convenient and precise when it comes to control and comfort.

Another pro of this system is that it can be easily installed by the Building Management System, with high precision and better control. Latest VRF systems are exceptionally proficient and most potent in facilities with varied spaces and uses which also necessitate zoned climate control. Operating costs for VRF systems can be very productive in areas where electricity is widely available and less pricey.

Benefits of Chiller water system:

Chiller water systems could be highly beneficial for the establishments having (AHU) Air Handling units which handle and control the flow of air in the space. It is also far more cost efficient because of lesser cost of initial equipment while having better coefficient of productivity (COP’s).

Establishments which needs constant climate control should definitely prefer chiller water system. It is best suited for big industrial or power plants. This system also uses alternative source of energy making it sustainable in an environment where either the electricity is inconsistent or it’s very costly. Besides that, chillers with chilled-water and ice-storage systems can provide options for more efficient resource use and take advantage of lower power bills.

Is installing both systems at the same time possible?

Depending upon the needs of an establishment while weighing the pros of both; yet not being able to decide. An establishment can take the perks of both of these system at the same time, it could result in increased flexibility of VRF and cost friendly chilled water system. Multiplex in South Korea naming Starfield Hanam complex is an example that uses both of these systems.

Choose Smart Climate Solution:

The main goals is to find the best fit for your business or establishment, by chalking out the goals and requirements this decision is not that hard to make.  No matter which system you choose trust Smart Climate Solution (pvt) for highly efficient HVAC system. A team of vastly experienced Engineers. On top of that partnered with the top brands across the globe. We is here to serve our customers round the clock with high quality products.

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