Why HVAC is a necessity of hospitals and industries?

It might be a difficult concept to grasp about how our houses, offices, industries and hospitals stay warm, ventilated and cool. But, there’s a whole system that runs behind it called HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning). The system is different for according to the place. Yet, it is becoming a necessary in hospitals and industries due to its benefits.

Several kinds serving several needs:

There are several types of HVAC; four different types are commonly used. Listed as heating and cooling split system, hybrid split system, duct free split system, packed heating and air conditioning system. Each one of these types serves a different purpose according to the needs of the clients.

Why ICUs and hospital wards need HVAC?

HVAC is extensively used in hospitals not only because it provides comfort to the patients but also due to its medical and clinical crucial role in sanitizing and creating a bacteria free environment for the patients. Specifically, in ICU (intensive care units) serving as humidifier and dehumidifier, filter for bacteria’s and germs, and balancing the flow pattern of air distribution. It also keeps good indoor air quality which is a vital non-pharmacological strategy for preventing hospital-acquired pathogens. Many researches have shown that numerous bacteria like aspergillus, as well as, Clostridium difficile spores could be easily transferred to another person through the air, but these bacteria can be burned completely by the HVAC system.

Industrial HVAC and should an industry invest money on HVAC?

Industrial HVAC is much more complicated than residential or hospital HVAC because it requires a lot more components, system and complexity to facilitate functions as such of an industry. To provide heating, ventilation and cooling to large buildings carrying out functions like chemical treatment and synthesis, power generation and manufacturing is much more complicated yet essential. It maintains the air quality for the worker in addition to cleaning the air from pollutants which makes the industrial environment better for workers. It is quite efficient and does not take large amount of energy. Installing HVAC in industries help you achieve mainly four goals: first it increases the productivity of the staff.

Secondly, its saves money, and it doesn’t damage easily or need repair often; it is an extremely reliable system making it highly durable. Thirdly, it balances the quantity of harmful chemicals and toxins in the air. Last and not least it improves the quality of life and health for the working in harsh conditions. HVAC is a new and emerging powerful ventilating system. It is absolutely worth the money; creating a safer, cleaner and most importantly healthier environment. Weighing its pros and cons industries should invest in HVAC.



Why you should choose Smart Climate Solution for your HVAC system?

Making a choice to install system is hard coming with dilemma of what system to choose and where to choose from. Trust Smart Climate for your HVAC system; constitutes of a team of vastly experienced Engineers. On top of that parted with the top brands across the globe. Smart Climate Solution (pvt) is here to serve our customers round the clock with high quality products.



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