Why Use a Fan Coil Unit?

It can be confusing to find the right air conditioner for your home or office among the many options available.There are many options available to cool your space, including split-inverter units and standard cassette and window types.

The most common of the common air conditioning types is the fan coil unit (FCU), which may seem obscure but still very popular.The FCU is an air conditioning unit that circulates air in a small area. It can also be part of a complete HVAC system.There are many configurations for the FCU. The most common ones are floor-mounted or ceiling mounted.

How does the FCU work?

FCU is a fan that circulates air through a space. The unit then heats it up with a cooling coil or heating coil.The result is that the air out of the unit can be either cooler or hotter than it was before.

The FCU is not complex, but don’t let it fool you. It consists of a cooling or heating coil, and a fan.The fan coil unit is simpler and less complex than the AHU.It is a single air conditioning unit that can operate independently to circulate air, without the need for ductwork.

Fan coil units also control the temperature of the space by using circulated hot or cold water.This water is often taken from a central plant with all the equipment needed, such as a cooling tower or boilers.

Where can fan coil units be used?

Fan coil units can be found in many buildings and establishments that have small private spaces.These buildings often have small- to medium offices, as well as private casino rooms.These units can be controlled by the local thermostats, or sometimes by the building’s management systems.Fan coil units in high-rise buildings are often placed vertically.The units are placed on different floors, and connected using the same piping loop.

These establishments and shopping centres that have many small spaces prefer fan coil units for cooling.FCUs are cheaper to buy and install than air handling units. This is why these areas gravitate towards them for the better value and to complement their existing areas.

The Benefits and Advantages of Fan Coil Units

Less expensive to purchase and install than central air conditioning systems:

Fan coil units are more affordable than air handling units and larger central air conditioning systems because they can power small and medium-sized areas.They are also more cost-effective than other systems because they are smaller.

Room-level temperature control:

Having a fan coil unit system allows you to be more flexible in your temperature setting by having room-level customization.


Proper maintenance and operation can make the fan coil unit system very energy-efficient, which can help to reduce power consumption and save energy.

Selecting the right air conditioning for you

These are just a few of the many benefits that an air conditioner fan coil unit can offer.You should consider the size of your space and your cooling preferences before you decide to purchase one.We can help you choose the right unit for your space. Or, if you are looking for a reliable service provider to fix your air conditioner problems, don’t hesitate calling Smart Climate Solutions. We offer premium services at reasonable rates.Give us a call, and one of our professional air conditioning technicians will be glad to assist you with all your air conditioning needs.

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