Air cooled chiller vs water cooled chiller

There is a lot of produced in industries and factories which may damage the equipment in the factory or industries. Chillers reduce the amount of heat collected in the factories. These chillers continuously observe temperatures and try to keep them at an optimal level. There are two types of chillers: Air cooled chillers and Water-cooled chillers.

Air cooled chillers

These chillers are available in sizes starting from 7.5tonnes to 500tonnes. Air cooled chillers do not need cooling towers.  They use air to condense the heat coming from compressor. When the hot air reaches the end, cooled by using the air from the environment. They are also ideal for situations where the temperature drops below freezing point and there is extreme cold. For safe operation in cold weather, cooling towers may need specialized control procedures, basin warmers, or even an interior sump.  These chillers are more efficient during the nighttime as they are dependent on dry-bulb temperature. Dry bulbs take little time to decrease their temperature.

Benefits of air-cooled chillers

They take very little time to install as they come s “packed systems”. This means that all the equipment is packaged to deliver the best performance lasting up to 15 to 20 years. They are easier and cheaper to main than water cooled chillers, but they will incur high electricity bill because of the energy consumed by the fans used in cooling the temperatures. They are great in locations where there is low water supply and are also environment friendly as they do not release harmful waste materials into the environment.

Water cooled chiller

These chillers are available in sizes starting from 10tonnes to 4000tonnes with very high cooling ability as compared to air cooled chillers while consuming less energy which makes them more efficient. They need cooling towers to work which require heavy maintenance and a water treatment program which prevents the water from contamination. As they use water to displace the heat, they need large amounts of water. They are harder to install because they have equipment such as water pumps and cooling towers.

Benefits of water-cooled chiller

They are ideal for locations with a very good supply of water. The temperature control in these systems is dependent on the wet bulb which have lower temperatures meaning that they need lesser time to coo l down as compared to the air-cooled chiller. Water cooled chillers can last for up to 20-30 years. One of the reasons for this longevity is their indoor installation that protects them from the wear and tear of the environment. They also run at lowers pressure than air cooled chillers producing less noise in comparison. They are also more space efficient.

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