30XW-Water Cooled Liquid Chillers

30XWM-Water cooled liquid chillers with split Wessel 1

The full range of 30XW will see outstanding performance in energy efficiency and operation noise credited to advanced compressor design. Diversity of 30XW series empowers customers to customize the chiller solution flexibly in accordance with practical needs.

  • Up to 6.3 COP
  • @AHRI conditions Icing duty
  • -12 °C water temperature
  • Diversity of products



For data centers and industrial processes, reliability comes first. AquaForce® 30XW-V can operate stably even at high condensing temperatures without surging. The complete range was continually tested during the development stage for exceptional reliability, making it a preferred solution even for the most critical applications.


The exclusive inverter-driven Carrier compressor ensures high energy efficiency both at full load and part load. IPLV and NPLV are higher than fixed speed chillers by up to 30% and in line with oil-free centrifugal chillers. 

Up to


Efficiency improvement

30XWM-Water cooled liquid chillers with split Wessel


The optimal air conditioning system guarantees total life cycle cost as low as possible, compared to alternative system, with a payback period of shorter than two years. 

Touch Pilot Controls

  • User-friendly Touch Pilot Control with colored touch screen interface
  • Status of all main parameters on one screen
  • Easy enhanced remote monitoring via the internet
  • Easy access to unit parameters with different security
  • access levels: enter your password and get access to your unique parameters
30XWM-Water cooled liquid chillers with split Wessel


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